Mexabilly is a phrase invented by the designer of Mexabilly clothing line Phillip Perez. Mexabilly has its roots in the early Rock n’ Roll era, specifically, Rockabilly. Rockabilly was a brand of Rock that was a mixture of Country, Blues, and Jazz played by its stars of the day such as Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson and many, many others. One of the stars of the first wave of Rockabilly in the 1950’s was a young Mexican American musician known as Ritchie Valens. He was tragically killed in an airplane crash while on tour with the legendary Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper in 1959.

Phillip Perez has merged the feel of Chicano Music with the style of Rockabilly to blend two cultures into one, thus producing the Mexabilly label. Richie Valens and the Rockabilly sound and style of the 1950’s provided the post war teens with a new feel of freedom, independence, excitement, and rebellion. A new way of seeing and hearing things!

Mexabilly is not just a Chicano or Rockabilly thing, but a new line of designs for those who want some excitement in their everyday wear.